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LETTER: Crony capitalism fails

In introducing Crown family patriarch Lester Crown Tuesday, Walter Isaacson exclaimed it was “the ultimate moment” for him at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival.

The big meeting room in the Doerr-Hosier building was packed with people, including many members of the extended Crown family. Isaacson said Crown “has been the heart and soul” of the Aspen Institute.

“This place exists because of now four generations of members of the Crown family,” Isaacson said. (Aspen Daily News, July 3, 2013)

Constitutional scholar Barack Obama wants to launch tons of cruise missiles into the latest hornets’ nest known as Syria. A wise move?

Wait, it gets better:

Guess who developed the Tomahawk cruise missile, now selling to us taxpayers at $1.4 million each?

Yep, General Dynamics.

Guess who owns General Dynamics? Hint: it’s not “we the people.”

Just as Skico banned the Aspen Daily News and the song “Big Money ruins everything” from National Forest land, the United States army has censored the UK newspaper, the Guardian, worldwide.

As Bill Moyers states: Crony capitalism #FAIL

Lee Mulcahy


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