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Letter crossed bounds of decency

While I was reading your paper I came across the letter “Gays should not be allowed to raise children.” Not only was I disturbed at how preposterous this letter was, I was shocked that you would even print it.

Directly above this letter were the Post Independence “rules” on letter writing. You state that you will reject any letters that are “obscene” meaning disgusting, repulsive, or offensive to morality or decency. That letters containing “bad taste” (one of your rules) will be rejected.

Decency, the state or quality of being decent, conformity to recognize good taste and modesty, was sadly overlooked when that letter was allowed to go to print. I will not begin to address what was in the letter because the nature of it was so ridiculous. I will, however, follow your procedure and not “personally attack” (another rule) the person who wrote it. I will simply say as they do in the South; bless their little heart.

Emilie Eshelman

New Castle

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