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Letter: Crushing insurance cost

I read in your paper on Feb. 1 the article regarding state health insurance “Colorado Hits Insurance Milestone amid Big Questions.” Wow, they are having a record year. Well, hoorah for them.

Why doesn’t someone do a study on how many people have lost their health insurance due to the high cost?

My husband and I have worked our entire adult lives, raised a family of four, bought a home and a vehicle and were doing OK up until a few years ago.

After the kids were raised and left home and we were left with the empty nest syndrome, we were looking forward to having things just a little easier. But with health insurance skyrocketing, that isn’t going to happen.

My husband and I, yes, we both still work, have an annual income just a little too high to qualify for your state program. We’re too young for Medicare. Each month we have to pay our mortgage and vehicle payment, house and vehicle insurance, utilities, medical and dental bills, food, miscellaneous bills and a high health insurance premium. Oh, yes, those taxes that come due every so often.

One of us lost our health insurance due to the fact that between us we would have been paying a monthly premium of more than $2,000. And before the insurance would pay anything we would have to meet the deductible of $5,300 for one of us. Does that really make sense to anyone? Who can afford that cost and still make all the previously mentioned monthly bills? What do we not pay to pay the insurance premium? How many others are in this same position?

I’d like to know the statistics on how many people have lost their health insurance. I’m sick and tired of hearing how wonderful it is that all of these people are getting health coverage. The media, once again, is not providing the whole truth. Neither are our state representatives, as far as I’m concerned.

So, for all of you who think ACA (Obamacare) is a great thing, who is going to help us with our monthly payments? Any volunteers? I bet not.

Martha Smith

New Castle

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