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Letter: ‘David Sturges Earth Day’

The Post Independent’s Sunday Profile feature of April 19 on Glenwood Springs City Councilman David Sturges paints an impressive picture of Dave’s extensive career in public service.

Over the past six years, Dave has also represented Glenwood Springs as a board member for Garfield Clean Energy, the 10-member countywide intergovernmental collaborative.

Dave brought vision, conscience and a deep commitment to clean energy in his service on the board. He served as the board’s institutional historian, providing valuable context about the purpose and accomplishments of Garfield Clean Energy.

Dave and his wife, Linda, personally embraced the concept of home energy efficiency — a key tenet in the Garfield Clean Energy mission — by working with local contractors to have attic insulation, exterior stucco and energy-efficient windows installed at their home.

With his departure from City Council, Dave will also be leaving the Garfield Clean Energy board. Earlier this month, the Garfield Clean Energy board of directors unanimously passed a resolution recognizing his six years of dedicated service and leadership, and declaring Earth Day, April 22, 2015, to be “David Sturges Earth Day.”

David has marked Earth Day since its first celebration in 1970. This Earth Day, Garfield Clean Energy celebrates David Sturges and his dedication to a clean energy present and future.

Stuart McArthur, chair

Rachel Pokrandt, secretary

Garfield Clean Energy

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