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Letter: Day shelter and ‘soup’ must be open to all

Once again a call to close Feed My Sheep? Heard it many times before. Mostly from clients who couldn’t get their own program together. Blame the few resources battling the fallout of modern mechanized society. All addictions are thus. A means to negate culture that turns one into cogs in the machine.

In the bakers dozen of years I spent involved with Feed My Sheep co-dependence (faltering back and forth, over the line between loving help and enabling) ebbed and flowed. Numbers were usually the problem. However it usually ebbed when the clients themselves realized the resource is much more than a free lunch and took upon themselves the responsibility to protect it from those who didn’t give a damn. Cleaning up their own house on the streets. Stop enabling the seasonal wayfarers with their own complacency. A thing I must remind you is a given in every strata of society. Not just among us on the street. Every tier of social living suffers thus. And heals from within.

Bottom line to work it (the day shelter and “Soup”) must be open to all. It is community building thus and of course much community remains cliquish in our modern times of wage slavery and the addictive behavior (that is always compensates for such lack of value), so time heals all wounds when we don’t seek to rub salt in them.

So everyone step back address the fact a tourist town’s economy is built on the same escapism as drug addictions. Just try to have a restaurant without the bar, for a little practical lesson of the world we live in.

Everyone is seeking refuge from their day job through our modern addiction to being consumers. The mainstay of the economy, arising incidentally with the War on Drugs and the in-tandem scourge of the middle class. Begetting the service industry over industrial production. Infighting rather than outlook.

Address the fact blame isn’t taking one iota of responsibility for any of it. In fact, blame is the telltale sign of those addicts of worldly goods. Complacent to the damage.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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