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Letter: Deer Trail needs a patriot hall of fame

Well, if Deer Trail, Colorado, has to argue over credit for the first rodeo, one thing they could lay claim to, if they are so inclined, would be the first patriot hall of fame. All they gotta do is find a building.

Then name Phillip Steel curator. Of course anyone could be nominated for recognition, and also inducted posthumously. In-so-far as the idea of shooting down spy planes not being original (I believe the U.S. may have even pioneered it), I was only trying to think of a way to strike back at the U.S. for spying on its own people just recently.

My biggest concern is, what the hell are they gonna do about it if we protest in such a manor as suggested by Mr. Steel? His guts appear to show no bounds, i.e.: State section, page A14, of the Post Independent, Friday, Aug. 23, 2013.


“Uncle Joe” Lewis


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