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LETTER: Defending my ‘iY’ generation

On Dec. 16, the Post Independent featured an article titled “The iY Generation.” I felt attacked as I read it and feel that I need to defend my generation. The article paints our generation with colors of narcissism, and as not acquainted with the word “hard.” The article makes us out to be financially irresponsible and fundamentally uncreative. It goes on to ask, “Will we rediscover cooperation and deepen the meaning of community?”


Let me tell you about some of the people of my generation. In Glenwood Springs, I have friends who volunteer more hours than they sleep. I have a friend who has been running her own business since she was 9. I have seen kids paint unparalleled beauty and write melodies that could make you cry. As for hard work, look to the last graduating class. From full-ride scholarships to five valedictorians, it cannot be said that no hard work was put in. And in the face of the tragedy and turmoil over the past year, I’ve watched my generation show support only paralleled by that of family.

Nationally and globally, our generation has made major contributions. If you run a quick “teens making a difference” Google search, you can find thousands of articles recognizing the amazing people of my generation.

One last thing, “iY” is slightly insulting. We may have grown up in a technological era, but that doesn’t make us a technological product. Apple will never own us. Thank you.

Kayla Kline

Glenwood Springs

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