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Letter: Deport them all

That article in Sunday’s PI about those poor illegal aliens having a hard time getting free medical care just broke me up. After getting over my chuckling I thought I sure could use some, too.

But why are we worrying about foreign nationals who spit on our sovereignty and take American jobs while destroying the wage base for all citizen workers? They take those U.S. earnings and send them south of the border to the tune of $30 billion to $50 billion annually.

There are 6.5 million Social Security numbers whose owners are supposed to be over 112 years old. Guess who is using these numbers. They can be used to get fraudulent tax returns.

They degrade our schools, overcrowd our prisons and decrease the quality of life for every working U.S. citizen. I say we should enforce our immigration laws and deport each and every one of them.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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