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Letter: Detox, not informants

In response to Steve Damm’s letter of Feb. 11, “Don’t dump the detox,” I, too, agree that the government has no higher obligation than to provide for the health and safety of its citizens and especially for those least capable, and yes, detox and recovery as a whole program. And where would this money come from?

The money can come from the informant program, where drug users are basically paid to commit drug-related crimes and are released out of jail to continue to victimize the rest of us. This money would be better spent to solve the problem of illegal drug use rather than aggravate it.

Informants are not trained for undercover work and to be that connected and know that much about the illegal drug scene means that they are a major part of and still using. When they continually inform on a long term, they are under the influence of illegal drugs.

They obviously are drug dealers and/or users, and they are released back into our communities to rob and pillage the rest of us with special protection from law enforcement.

If there was an effective program as Mr. Damm speaks of, we would have an opportunity to be part of the solution, not escalate the problem.

Louwanna Clark

Glenwood Springs

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