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Letter: Disappointed about downtown Fourth of July Parade

On Tuesday, March 10, I received an e-mail from Harry Weiss, executive director of the Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority and the Downtown Grand Junction Business Improvement District. The e-mail was to inform me, as the Regent of the Mount Garfield Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, that the BID Board of Directors had come to a decision to no longer produce the Fourth of July Parade in Grand Junction. The major reasons cited were: the parade did not fulfill the primary promotional objectives of the DDA; the majority of businesses were closed on the 4th of July; and that the consensus of the member businesses of the DDA derive little benefit from the event.

I found this very concerning — that an agency that is funded by tax-payer dollars cannot participate in an annual community event that has been part of the culture of the Grand Valley for over 125 years. I recall that there have been many tax-payer funded improvements in the past several years that directly benefit the DDA (i.e. The Avalon Theater renovation, the roundabout, the Main Street curb, sidewalk and road projects, etc.).

I am hoping the board and all the downtown businesses will have a change of heart in this decision. If not, I will take all future restaurant visits and purchasing power to businesses that are not downtown.

Lori-Ann Parrott

Grand Junction, Colo.

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