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Letter: Disappointed by GOP caucus

I attended a Republican caucus for the second time in my life on March 1, and it became quite apparent that the Republican establishment is determined to take away the people’s right to participate in the political process. I was aware this was coming because of an article in newspaper and other Republican committee meetings that I had attended in recent weeks.

The caucus was very well-attended compared to my first caucus two years ago. I believe this is because the grassroots are fed up with the status quo, pissed is probably a better word, and expected to be able to cast votes to express their anger. No, that was not to be.

The caucus attendees were allowed to vote only for co-chairs of their precinct and delegates to attend the county assembly. Very little more will be allowed at the county level. The establishment has structured the process so that they don’t have to hear from their constituents until the last possible minute. They are hoping that the discourse in the party will disappear before it disrupts their cushy lifetime jobs and incredible perks or detracts from getting re-elected. Getting re-elected appears to be the major focus of politicians in both parties. To hell with the good of the country or the peons.

The way voting is going in the rest of the country, in states that the GOP is allowing voter participation, we may very well have a third national party in the near future, because, from my view, the GOP is coming apart.

I’m not sure which political party I will belong to come the next election cycle. It definitely won’t be the Democrats or the establishment GOP. Perhaps the splintered-off faction of the GOP or unaffiliated. Maybe we just stock up on ammo and supplies and await the fireworks.

Richard Teague


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