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Letter: Disclose fracking chemicals

A group of five other Glenwood Springs High School students and myself are working on a new policy as part of the Project Citizen program, which is designed to promote competent and responsible participation with governments of all levels.

Our policy seeks to remove the “trade secret” rule that fracking companies can claim to evade responsibilities for listing all chemicals found in their fracking fluid. The Colorado fracking-fluid disclosure rule requires these companies to disclose all chemicals found in their fracking fluid; however, the trade secret loophole provides an escape route in which these companies don’t have to reveal all the information.

Some of these companies are fracking on public lands, and my fellow classmates and I believe the people of Colorado deserve to know what is being pumped into their land. If the fluid really isn’t unhealthy, as these fracking companies suggest, then they should have no problem fully disclosing the chemical content of their fracking fluid.

In writing this letter, my group and I are hopeful to spread community awareness of the issue and gain support for our proposed policy. For more information you can visit our Facebook page, “Sensible Fracking Reform.”

Brandon Benzel

Glenwood Springs

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