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Letter: Disgracefully low bond in coke case

After reading how easy coke dealers get treated in our fair valley, it’s no wonder the peddling of paranoia is flourishing. Luis Enrico Garcia was found asleep in a running car with two pistols, an open bottle of booze, 10.5 grams of nose candy, a large amount of cash in small bills and a 19-year-old woman in the back seat.

Now God forbid that anyone should profile Luis as a local rep of a Mexican drug cartel from this scanty evidence, but the cops did and charged him with a half-dozen felonies, including failure to appear on a previous dealing bust.

Now here comes the funny part. Some clueless bozo let this armed, drunken misery merchant loose on a measly six grand bond. Who wants to bet me this low life ever shows up in court?

The irresponsible setting of such a low bail is disgraceful. Do we want a community where armed foreign nationals get busted twice and are set free for posting a lousy $600 — 10 percent of a 6K bond?

Then again if I was Luis’ supplier, I’d sure wonder how he got off so cheap. Twice. Usually you have to rat out someone before they let you walk. But the cartels don’t worry; there are plenty more like Luis, who by the time you read this will probably be dealing in a new location with a new ID.

Sadly, since armed gangs dealing drugs openly is bad for business and realty values, we don’t even admit we have a problem much less address it. Might I suggest that all those self-righteous pot-site protesters should worry about armed drug dealers running around their neighborhoods.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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