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Letter: Dismayed with energy forum speaker choice

I was rather dismayed to find out one of the speakers at the upcoming Energy Forum and Expo really had no reputable credentials to speak on the topic being presented. I would expect that someone who is presenting conclusions on climate change would have advanced academic and peer-reviewed research and publishing history with regards to this topic.

See another letter from Energy Forum and Expo co-founder BJ Petersen here.

The upcoming presenter has none of these qualifications. I presume that his theories seemed to be attractive to the political ideology of the speaker selection committee. I don’t know who then vetted the selection committee’s choices, but I am quite sure that the educational institutions (Colorado Mesa University, Colorado Mountain College, and The John McConnell Math & Science Center) that are co-hosts of the Forum and Expo must be a little shocked to find that they are receiving such an inappropriate speaker.

Unfortunately, many other decisions made by our local officials are ensconced in political ideology and self-interests rather than considering other credentialed, successful sources — and to the good of a majority of citizens. A community that has one-sided, anti-intellect, “good ole boys only” control can’t have a very bright future considering the rapid changes taking place in economics, social lives and environments today.

Joel Prudhomme

Grand Junction, Colo.

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