Letter: Do nothing about housing

Jane Spaulding

Those of us who have chosen to live here for years and raised our families have endured a housing crisis forever. No one ever stepped up and said that living in this valley is easy. Gas prices, housing prices and grocery prices are the reason.

Someone said this is the price you pay for living in this valley. Do you know how that crisis was resolved?

Not by playing on others’ sympathy. This was solved by working and working until we could actually pay for one, or had a down payment for one or lived in something that was affordable for us. We had three kids and lived in a two-bedroom, one-bath house. Before that we lived in a mobile home.

When I was first married, there was no particular housing authority that said we will make housing affordable.

Frankly I am sick and tired of hearing about someone living here but unable to pay for housing because there are few jobs that allow for having a down payment. What should we do about it? Absolutely nothing. You want to live here and work here, then either pay rent or buy or move downvalley where things are cheaper.

If you think things are going to get cheaper they won’t. So maybe real estate ads need to include all the taxes you will be liable for if your even thinking about buying in this town.

We are not user friendly.

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