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Letter: Do the math on immigration

Immigrants from wherever (but you know where):

• I’m in. Better life. Don’t mind living in a one-bedroom condo with 6-plus people. Way better than before. Rent divided by 6-plus = “affordable.” The high life.

• Work for $10-$12 an hour. Way better.

• .Don’t integrate. Speak our language. Celebrate our culture. Dang, we’re great.

• Pregnant? No worries. Just show up at the hospital. Free. Nice.

• Calls friends and family to come. It’s easy, easy, easy.

Big-money America:

• Cheap labor. I keep my bankroll. I keep my fourth home. Nectar!

• Rent is up, up, up. Big Money.

• I saved 50 percent (earned 50 percent) more by hiring cheap labor.

• Print bilingual product marketing to sell more. More money.

• Don’t integrate – accommodate.

• Richie Rich (aka Me, Myself, and I) just keeps getting richer.


• Immigrants don’t file taxes but we collect payroll taxes. No refunds.

• Need more votes. Easy. Support immigration.

• Keep my donors happy. Easy. Provide cheap labor.

• Care about the middle class? Why? They don’t donate.

We the (middle-class legal American) people…

• Affordable housing is gone. How did this happen?

• Living wage is gone. How did this happen?

• Heath costs are through the roof. How did this happen?

• Quality of life is diminished How did this happen?

How did this happen? Do the math.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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