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Letter: Dog poop is everywhere!

I am out almost every day hiking Dinosaur Hill, Devils Canyon, and Pollock Bench, and biking the Riverfront Trail — all wonderful opportunities to get out and enjoy these spectacular areas that are, for the most part, public lands.

I am appalled at the dog feces that covers these beautiful trails: dog poop on the sides of the trails, on the curbing, in the middle of the trails. Dog feces are everywhere.

Have you ever tried to take a 2-year-old child hiking and then have to be ever vigilant and swoop down upon her so she doesn’t step or fall into a pile of dog poop? Try it … you won’t like it.

Or try riding your bike along the Riverfront Trail without being ever watchful that you don’t pedal through a massive pile of dog poop. It’s unpleasant enough as it is, but doubly so if you’ve have the misfortune to pedal through dog feces and then have to put your bike into your car or truck after your ride.

And it’s not as if these trails are not posted. Or that there are not dog-poop bags provided, as well as containers in which to toss them.

How long does it take dog feces to decompose?

“In the desert southwest, they seem to petrify and will last decades if not disturbed. And there are no insects to help break them down,” said an Internet search.

Of course a dog’s diet has an effect on the decomposition factor. Please don’t insult my intelligence by bringing this up as a defense of not picking up after your pet. Whether the feces decomposes in a week or less, it should be picked up as soon as the deposit is made.

It’s disgusting in the extreme. If you won’t pick up after your pet when you’re out on public trails, then leave your pet at home.

Sara Cardwell

Fruita, Colo.

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