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Letter: Don’t blame the NRA

I thought the people around here in western Colorado were smarter than what is written in some letters.

Patrick Hunter is blaming the gun lobby/NRA for there being guns out on the streets and somebody purchasing one on the street.

Perhaps you should do some checking instead of listening to the news media. Not one of these people that acquired guns were members of the NRA, of which I am a member.

Perhaps you need to read more about the NRA. I think you are referring to the gun lobbyists as being members of the NRA. If not, then excuse me for reading your letter incorrectly.

Any time a government decides that it needs to police its citizens for owning guns, this is wrong. As an American citizen, I should have the right to own any gun from any store.

Patrick, if you want to blame someone, try blaming Obama for taking guns to Mexico and taking them across the border to see where the drug cartels are using them. That was Fast and Furious. This resulted in one of the Border Patrol agents being killed, his body and some of the guns left on our side of the border. I call that pretty darn dumb.

Criminals don’t buy guns in stores, they buy them on the street corner. Ask our local sheriffs.

Nobody other than the military should have an AR-15 rifle, I agree, but until you can produce the facts that someone from the NRA purchased it and used it for killing someone, you are blaming everyone but the ones who pulled off such stupid stunts as sending those types of weapons over the border and wondering where they were going to do.

Audrey Jane Spaulding


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