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Letter: Don’t blindly follow leaders

This is my pitch for continued freedom in the United States.

According to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, each of us in the U.S. has the right to pursuit of happiness, whatever that may entail.

There was a black woman by the name of Rosa Parks who pursued that right by simply not giving up her seat on a bus. In the South, it made no sense to her that she should sit in a certain designated area. It was the beginning of well-deserved freedom for many blacks in this country.

Just before World War II, there was a painter who gained a following, and after a while individuals simply followed his orders whether they made sense or not — they simply followed the leader.

Eventually 6 million Jews were murdered because everyone did what Hitler said. There was a terrible war and many died. Everyone did what they were told to do. They all followed the leader.

Freedom is born every day or it is simply abolished.

Antionette Jaworski

New Castle

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