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Letter: Don’t change Carbondale

It’s time to NIMBY up people. A magazine from Iowa says we’re in a great place to live. I have to agree.

Telling the whole world this will mean MORE people and MORE cars and MORE stress on our town and environment. More money and higher prices and poorer quality of life, fewer artists, less messy vitality, more second homes. More cops, more crime, less open space.

Could a fur store be just around the corner? I think even Aspen in the ’60s never though it could or would become the way it is today.

We’ve been trained to believe that if we’re not growing then we’re dying. I say bull! Let’s establish a status quo that reflects change without growth. No growth does not mean death.

Carbondale, tell Outside magazine to take their “poll” and shove it up their mailbox. Let Carbondale change you. Don’t change Carbondale.

Mark Burrows


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