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Letter: Don’t cut down trees for infill housing

It looks like the Carbondale trustees and the Roaring Fork School District are going to be at it again. We have to have the field behind the Bridges School and the parking lot at the Third Street Center filled with housing? No place else. We have to have an infill on every available lot. There are already two-story units going up all over the place. Apparently that isn’t good enough.

We have a four-year waiting period for senior housing because of lack of living space, apparently that doesn’t fit well with some of the Town Council or the Roaring Fork School District. We have Thompson Corner that needs to be going. You look in the papers and there are a lot of places for sale and for rent, pretty high-priced, I agree. If the economy is so good, then why are people still having a hard time finding jobs?

A lot of people use the field that sits between the Bridges building and the Third Street Center. There are new trees planted all over the Third Street Center. What do you call affordable? There seems to be plenty of vacant space other than the field that is used for soccer games. I would hate to see that field used for housing and paved over.

I would hope that the RFSD and the trustees would leave a little open space for kids and people to walk their dogs, just sit out on the benches at Bridges and enjoy the view of Sopris. Pease call or write the Town Council and lets put a stop to this. Where are you going to park the cars that are parked all over the place at the Third Street Center? Please don’t cut all of those established trees down and infill with housing just to please a few people.

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