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Letter: Don’t dump the detox

There is no higher obligation of government than to provide for the health and safety of its citizens. Government is especially responsible for the least capable of its citizens.

That being said, there is an inherent social resistance to taking care of alcoholics and drug addicts. They are the neediest among us. From the occasional drinker who drank too much for his own good to the daily addicted, we the people have an obligation to provide some dignity to their existence. The next step to recovery is a bigger problem; we should address it also. We could save the hospital, police, sheriff and welfare more than enough to cover the cost.

Let’s do the immediate, the detox center, then work on the recovery. Where should the money come from? I believe there are enough participating agencies to fund it. A small part of Garfield County, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Mind Springs and Valley View budgets could be utilized to collectively fund it.

Yes, we may need to delay a sidewalk or decline a county fair request, but we must make this a priority. We could enlist FMLA, DOLA, the Regional Council of Governments and even GOCO (if we can find a park). There are also grants available from philanthropic organizations.

The next step is to try harder. I applaud the efforts by Glenwood City Council to get the conversation going. We need a lead agency to dedicate a person solely to finding a detox location with four beds.

We have some very influential and responsible community leaders — please say yes. It is the right thing to do and a government responsibility. (I hope I don’t lose too many friends.)

Steve Damm

Glenwood Springs

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