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Letter: Don’t forget Whitewater

I am extremely concerned about the 2016 presidential election if Hillary Rodham Clinton decides to campaign and raise money for her presidential bid. I do not trust her at all. I want to encourage registered voters to please reconsider their vote for Hillary Clinton. I want to remind voters that, in my opinion, Hillary has never admitted the truth about Castle Grande estates in Little Rock, Arkansas, which is where the Whitewater investigation began. Castle Grande was only a trailer park on this property, Hillary and White House attorneys used lies to deceive Congress that this was a separate segment of land within this development project.

In early 1982, Jim and Susan McDougal operated Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. They partnered their savings and loan with Whitewater Development Corp. owned by William Jefferson and Hillary Rodham Clinton. These fraudulent loans became the subject of the Whitewater investigation. I believe Hillary knows what happened to the billing records that correspond to the defense work she completed on behalf of another development project associated with Castle Grande, known as Industrial Development Corp. Hillary has not admitted to this date that these actions are criminal. This lie that was officially exposed when Davis Fitzhugh, an official of Madison Guaranty, cashed his commission check upon the sale of building C Castle Grande.

Hillary served on the Wal-Mart board of directors only because she was against labor unions representing Wal-Mart workers. From 1986 to 1992, she only opposed labor union representation because she, in my opinion, used this for political gain. Hillary has received growing support for her presidential campaign from the same labor unions that she claimed to be against. One dozen labor unions at least support her presidential campaign, and that number is sure to increase — yet another Hillary Clinton hypocrisy.

All 44 U.S. presidents have spoken the oath of office of the president to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; I don’t trust Hillary to do this. Vote conservative Republican, please!

Lee Hailey


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