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Letter: Don’t give up public lands

I just read Mr. Kellogg’s column about federal lands being put in private hands.

Has he forgotten the many attempts to cut down trees, destroy wilderness, explore for oil, pour salt water into the earth to frack oil? Perhaps the $20 billion shortfall he talks about would disappear if taxes were levied in a more equitable manner.

Most of the federal land is in the Western states. Looking at Gross State Product, California is No.1; Colorado No. 18; Arizona No. 21; Utah 32; New Mexico 37; Idaho 41; Wyoming 47; and Montana 49. We know California generates lots of GSP, but it is in debt and barely able to stay afloat. The other states in the West after Arizona are in the lower half of the 50. Here is this money he expects to flow?

Selling lumber? Oil? Strip Mining?

Had Mr. Kellogg spent more time looking at the facts instead of assuming poor, failed solutions were better tried again, he might have a different mindset.

Herb Feinzig


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