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Letter: Don’t make refugees’ plight worse

This is a rebuttal to the letter from Cheryl Cormier in the Post Independent.

You misconstrued my letter altogether. Everybody gets what they want out of somebody’s letter. I never said that the Syrians didn’t need help. My intention was to say that the Syrian refugees are being displaced from their country. That is a fact.

However, America needs to not further displace them, but to help them reclaim the home they have been displaced from. I have done some research and it has been well debated that rather than bring them farther away from the land that they call home we would be better off to help them get back to their homeland.

America has always tried to help other countries, but you need to realize that not everybody here in America has a home, not everybody has a decent meal.

I feel that Syrians who have not had background checks need to have them. How many countries have we tried to help over the years and somehow lost a lot of our own people?

Maybe you’re well off and have an abundance, that is great. There are a lot of people that I know of who are struggling just to put food on the table here and have no jobs. America has always been able to help another country, but at this point in time, maybe we would be better off in helping them to not be brought into a country which is so much more foreign to them.

I am still standing by my opinion that we need not make things worse for them. Many of them do not wish to leave and move to America where they are absolute strangers. I am hoping and praying that we can send them humanitarian aid and help them reclaim their homeland closer to their homeland.

Seems to me that at times in the history of this country, we have made thing worse for others rather than better.

Jane Spaulding


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