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Letter: Don’t resist an officer

I want to thank Jean Pristas of New Castle for the first intelligent and honest reporting of the Michael Brown shooting. Michael Brown was very high on marijuana as his two autopsy reports reveal.

We can’t put handcuffs on our policeman when we ask them to protect and serve us. If I am attacked and need a policeman to help me, I could be seriously injured by the attacker or even killed because the public has handicapped our officers. If an officer is doing his duty as he is trained, then the officer has the right to get a statement from you regarding a crime and you should not get belligerent. If the officer needs to arrest you, you should not get resistive. Every Ferguson protest claim about abusive policemen shows the person was resistive and not cooperative. If you get injured when a policeman is doing his duty, then you are at fault, not the officer.

It took five officers to arrest a very large Eric Gardner in New York because he was belligerent and resistive, which would have been a different result if Eric Gardner had cooperated with the first two officers instead of resisting. We the public make the quality of law enforcement officers we pay to protect and serve us.

Irvin Tilley

Glenwood Springs

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