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Letter: Don’t sign the petitions

Thank you to the Colorado Supreme Court for upholding the law and striking down Fort Collins’ five-year fracking moratorium and for ruling against Longmont’s ban on fracking.

This decision makes it very clear that legally it is the state’s prerogative to regulate the oil and gas industry, and not individual municipalities within the state, which would create a confusing hodgepodge of different regulatory schemes.

This ruling is a win for Colorado’s economy and will have positive impacts on everything from jobs in our state to our children’s classrooms. It’s a win for the rights of property owners. And it’s a win for creating a stable business environment for both small and large businesses alike.

The energy industry is vital to Colorado and our entire nation. We the people need to stop tolerating these radical environmental groups who are trying to derail this economically prosperous and safe industry.

Now these same groups that pushed the Fort Collins and Longmont bans are trying to amend Colorado’s Constitution to put the same kinds of bans in place all over the state. They are out collecting signatures right now to overturn the Supreme Court’s recent ruling.

These energy bans are a recipe for economic disaster and should be opposed by all of us. I encourage anyone who is approached to sign one of these energy ban petitions to “decline to sign.”

Keira Bresnahan

Chairwoman, Piceance Energy Action Council

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