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LETTER: Doubting claims about Fruita rec center

I just received another mailer from the Rifle Rec Center committee. This one is filled with a claim that the sole reason for Fruita’s sales tax revenue increase was the opening of their Rec Center. Please don’t believe this baloney, as in my last letter to the editor I mentioned an article on Fruita that in the last 2-3 years they have become a mecca for bicycle enthusiasts from all over world, and compared it to Moab, Utah. Do you think this may have been another player in the sales tax spike?

I also mentioned an article in the Junction paper that stated Fruita had conducted a 2013 survey of Fruita residents and found that they like the rec center but the fees are too high. The fees for Rifle’s new center will be higher than Fruita’s. The Rec Center Committee also states people from all over will come to use the Rec Center and shop in Rifle. Really? We have high gas prices, high food prices and hardly any shopping, and they are going to travel to Rifle? Everyone, including the committee, will tell you there will be a deficit every year even if they use the one cent sales tax that was voted on and passed a few years ago. Will this committee pick up the deficit? Of course not, we the people will.

Gary Parks


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