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LETTER: Dr. Mohler should read ‘Wheat Belly’

Dr. Phil Mohler’s recent Free Press column “Gluttons for gluten-free” in the health section begs the other side of the story. The message is, for non-celiac, that “a healthy diet is one that is rich in whole grains, including whole wheat.”

Dr. William Davis disagrees. In his book, “Wheat Belly,” he discusses and presents compelling arguments against eating “healthy whole grains.” He states that they have become incredibly destructive genetic monsters. His observations, and the studies of others that he cites, show connections between eating wheat and obesity, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, migraines and other maladies.

Perhaps Dr. Mohler would peruse Dr. Davis’ book and then present in the Free Press some objective counter arguments?

Maurice L. Schumann


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