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LETTER: Drop this frivolous lawsuit

Are you kidding me? Upon reading the story “Bayou slapped with wrongful death suit,” my disgust level reached a new high. To blame the Bayou for the death of Jennifer Nevarez (and others) just highlights another pathetic case of “who can I sue for the most money?” and reinforces the notion that we are a terribly litigious society who cannot, or will not, accept responsibility for our actions.

To be clear, I don’t condone driving with a BAC above the legal limit, nor do I condone a 16-year-old being out with friends all night. What happened to those kids is such a horrible tragedy, there are no words. But when you want to find someone responsible, how about looking at the individuals?

They chose to go drinking, and drink underage. They chose to drive somewhere else, continue drinking, and then drive home before being killed. The bartender [pleaded no contest] to serving minors. How the parents think the Bayou is still responsible is beyond me. Do they think the lawsuit will bring their daughter back?

Maybe Nevarez’s parents should sue Brianda Zavala’s parents. She was driving; certainly her parents are responsible for raising her to make such bad choices. Or perhaps they should sue the police for not pulling the car over, or the city for issuing a liquor license to the Bayou in the first place. Maybe they should sue the U.S. government for repealing prohibition, though I wouldn’t — they have no money.

If that sounds crazy, so is holding a bar responsible for their daughter’s death. My advice to them — drop this frivolous lawsuit, mourn the loss of your daughter, and move on with your life.

Vanessa Caranese

Glenwood Springs

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