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Letter: Dupuy should feel embarrassed

This letter is directed to Tina Dupuy, author of the column titled: ”On the Internet there’s no such thing as a true science denier,” on Sept. 26.

Ms. Dupuy describes science as rigorous and unemotional but the later misleads her readers with regard to climate change by skipping key portions of the scientific method, applying her own bias and taunting those who don’t agree with the conclusion. Ms. Dupuy presents no hypothesis and then claims there is no controversy surrounding the topic the reader must infer. Using the words she closes the column with, she is the one who should feel embarrassed.

Using the context she provided, I assume Ms. Dupuy’s hypothesis is that Earth is warming unnaturally (be it man caused or otherwise). Rather than emphasize that we cannot test many of the theories behind global warming, I prefer to indicate that we do not have the data she refers to on the topic. There is no controversy about the fact that climate varies from year to year, and that it’s completely normal.

Application of statistics could tell us if the temperature of any given year was abnormal if we had enough data. The Earth as been warming and cooling for billions of years and we have just over 100 years of yearly data from which to draw conclusions. The data we do have (sampled at a much lower rate) has shown that there can be periods of warming and cooling spanning tens of thousands of years. What does one hot summer or 10 hot summers tell us with regard to the “average” global temperature? Virtually nothing.

The column presents no hypothesis, no evidence of data showing accurate prediction of the Earth’s temperature nor test data showing proof of her missing hypothesis. Denying the Earth warmed to end the ice age with natural causes must create internal controversy for Ms. Dupuy. Is it a problem that we had a warm August? Nu-huh! Enjoy the warm weather, we need a few more thousand years of it before we can draw any meaningful conclusions.

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