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LETTER: Dyslexia or is the fix in?

I was coming through Rifle on July 26 and noticed paving operations at the fairgrounds. I thought our commissioners and their chief of staff were throwing money at their favorite thing again. Shortly thereafter, I read in the PI about some constituents of Commissioner Samson being unhappy with the berms on the east side of the fairgrounds. I wondered why, I thought it might help trap some of the notorious fugitive dust from escaping. I did a little research and learned that $800,000 had gone into the project. By all means, let’s put a $10,000 saddle on a $500 horse.

In the Sept. 10 PI I saw an announcement for community input sessions “seek(ing) public input regarding the county fairgrounds facilities in the current location. … In addition the commissioners would like ideas regarding a strategic vision for the fairgrounds for the future.” It referenced an Aug. 15 meeting in Rifle, Sept. 12 in New Castle and Oct. 17 in Glenwood Springs. Why would you spend the public’s money first and then ask for a strategic vision for the future? Could it be, we (the commissioners) really want to make the place shine and be as visually pleasant as possible so that our historically vocal constituents will feel well-served? What if the strategic vision from the at-large public point of view is to move the fairgrounds out of downtown Rifle? Was this a 2013 budgeted capital project for that $800,000 (oh well, $2,000,000 here, $800,000 there, big deal)? Did the horse and cart get transposed, or has the decision been made? What does the Rifle Council think about these events within their corporate limits?

In the past we (former administrative staff) really wanted to move the facility to a larger site in an unincorporated area (preferably already in county ownership) where a true multi-purpose facility could be located with easy egress and minimal traffic impacts, although we were foiled and identified as heretics. Don’t let objective assessments interfere with politics du jour. You get the government you deserve.

Dale Hancock

Glenwood Springs

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