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Letter: Eddie made his mark in our hearts

I met Eddie Fralick at the Brewpub in 2008 and instantly fell in love with him. He was the sassiest individual I had ever met. He never hesitated nor failed to tell me what was up, to tell me my voice was getting high pitched, if I was getting an attitude, or to tease me about whatever would make him giggle. He made everyone laugh.

If you didn’t know Eddie, all he had to do was smile at you, be his Southern self, and he would make his mark on your heart. It was through my working at the Pub and befriending Eddie that my relationship with his now partner, Andrew, flourished. I had the privilege of observing the love they had for each other and had the unique experience of witnessing what it looked like when two people who were meant to be together actually committed to a life together. Through the toughest of times, they never stopped loving each other with their whole hearts. The love they generated is contagious.

When I found out Eddie had passed, I was in Denver, and I immediately drove to Glenwood to be with the people that I consider my family. I will not share what the next few weeks looked like but I would like to share what I felt.

I have never, in my entire life, experienced the overwhelming amount of love that my friends and this community not only had for Eddie, but the love we have for each other. Eddie made memories with everyone he met and he was so dearly loved; we are all closer and bonded to each other forever because of that love.

What I have learned from the loss of our dear friend is this: if you love someone, any kind of love, tell them. Tell them every day. Let the people who make your life more beautiful know how special they are and that life is beautiful because they are in it. Life is made by the people around you; cherish them, adore them, and never falter in your support and appreciation for them.

Memories live on in the people we love. There is a piece of Eddie in every one of us who loved him and had the honor of knowing him and calling him “friend.”

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” — Shannon L. Alder

Love you forever, Eddie,

We will keep you in our hearts and Andrew and Walton in our arms forever.


E.B. Nix


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