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Letter: Editorial laced with insults

Michel Field
Glenwood Springs

Editorial laced with insults

Some letters have been written in response to your editorials regarding immigration. I don’t believe it was your message that angered some readers, but how you delivered your message.

Opinions are great, especially when we are all allowed to have them. Your opinion piece was laced with insults. You claim to want an open dialogue, but you hurl insults while demanding others be respectful.

Most people do not have a problem with legal immigration. You say that is all you were promoting, but it certainly read like you were promoting all types of immigration.

It may have been difficult to get your true meaning after reading how racist we are. We all have a right to our opinions, but you shouldn’t insult those whose beliefs differ from yours, not if you want to have a real conversation. You want others to listen with an open mind and be respectful to you, while you call them names. Hardly seems fair.

Editor’s note: Our position on immigration, stated in the first editorial, is this: “We favor a path to citizenship for people who are living here lawfully and those who follow appropriate procedures to gain legal status. And we strongly support congressional action to broaden that path. We favor deporting felons but doing all the country can to not break up families.”

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