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Letter: Elected officials need a common-sense test

This is in regard to the recent complaints about the DMV office in Glenwood Springs.

I recently discovered that my driver’s license had been expired for over one year, so I drove to the Glenwood Springs DMV office to have it reissued. I waited for about two hours and was informed that I would have to take the written and driving tests as well as the eye test, even though I have had no traffic violations or accidents for over 30 years, have been a citizen of this country for all of my life, have no disabilities and never been convicted of a crime and have over 50 years of driving experience.

I passed the written and eye tests and was informed that I had to make an appointment for the driving test but it could be up to six months before an appointment would be available but could get an appointment at another DMV office. I was able to make an appointment at another office that was over 100 miles from my home went there and passed the test. I was given a document for the passed test and informed that I would receive my license in about 30 days and my expired license had to be surrendered immediately.

About one week later I received in the mail a three-year “instruction license,” which meant that, according to the law, I would have to have a licensed driver with me when driving. I made several calls and finally got in touch with a DMV employee and informed him that I was very unhappy about the time and expense that I had incurred and still had no regular license. I received my regular valid driver’s license within one week.

I was treated very well by all the employees of the DMV, but it was obvious that the Glenwood office is understaffed. Government employees have to follow the rules and regulations that are in the laws that are enacted by lawmakers, therefore, these elected officials at all levels of government are solely responsible for any unnecessary and dysfunctional rules and regulations that relate to the laws they impose and the extra work for the employees that may cause long wait times for the public. Perhaps a test for “common sense” is in order for all elected public servants.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

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