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Letter: Electing Putin’s boy

Kevin Stephenson, your guest opinion I find offensive to every American. Just because your intolerance is couched in the rhetoric of issues doesn’t make of it tolerance. In fact, your opinion is exactly the “evil” those in the Mountain Division fought heart and soul to defeat — the evil of the “good German” who made a self-serving megalomaniac a popularly elected chancellor of a democratic nation, who because of the media-fed population (unable to face their own willful ignorance; and issue-couched hatred of their fellowman) was able to declare himself dictator.

Reading the litany of justification you offer as sound reasoning (even though it all is canned propaganda; sound bites spoon-fed us by the nonliberal media) shows that what actually elected Trump was the inability of Republicans to face up to the fact they’ve let themselves become trained mice in the 1 percent’s little spinning wheel. Facing evil has always begun at home.

You say for the last eight years no Republicans disrespected the sitting president while the man you cast your vote for was the spearhead behind the “birther” intolerance birthed because white racist American could no longer say a black man isn’t human and so went to great length to couch their hatred in a myth that he wasn’t American enough to be commander in chief.

You didn’t need to stand on the street to protest because you had 24/7 nonliberal media pounding it into your unable-to-differentiate-fact-from fiction, cage-wheel turning minds. Joseph Goebbels would have loved you Republicans. If there was a heaven for such catastrophic propagandist, it would be you guys.

Last of all, during the Obama administration, far fewer immigrants have entered the country illegally, and far more have been deported than in any corporate-sponsored GOP regime, but your kind wouldn’t note such things because the form of evil that has your party by the short hairs can’t face facts. This is because facing up to one will snowball into showing you most of what you’ve come to believe true is pure, unadulterated lies. This is what elected Putin’s boy.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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