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LETTER: Employers don’t understand how economies really work


Lee Perkins [letter, Aug. 14], you must have passed economics 101 because the teacher was the same kind of idiot that nine out of 10 businessmen are today: passing the cost on to the very economic stimulus that would otherwise expand a business’ bottom line, with this new flow of consumer cash. What evaporates when equating it with costs? Working at Walmart taught you nothing, did it?

Secondly, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that people living well below the cost of living can’t afford to go to trade school. Time is money, and time pays too little to have any. Also when you consider many of the trades have been co-opted by indentured servants in the prison system, as the low-wage illegals head back home, with housing remaining in a rut for the next decade causing the demand for the trades to remain flat, and because there is no longer an affordable means to make the transition from barely surviving to middle class stability, because such stability is an illusion, when we’re paying for basic needs with mortgage-backed credit, given by banks too big to fail who pass the cost of failing onto the consumer via zero return on their deposits, and this passing the buck makes any form of higher education (to keep pace with even the Third World) means you’ve got to bypass the middle class altogether to pay back the inflated cost of pass-the-buck education.

When six out of 10 future office workers have been made obsolete via technology, with a large block of aging boomers unable to retire because they’ve never been able to make a living wage and thus benefits remain unequal to need, as employers continue to trump the basic decency of a living wage because they remain ignorant of how economies really work because of that paper-giant education, so taunted over ability, because we remain operating on archaic economic models that only truly worked when there is slavery, or in our case, continuous industrial warfare, and is once again acquiescing responsibility for self-righteous blame, via cliché, rather than be your brother’s keeper.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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