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Letter: Energy is not a partisan issue

Keira Bresnahan
Piceance Energy Action Council chairwoman

As the political season heats up as we enter a volatile presidential election year, I hope you have the oil and gas industry on your mind as we select our new leaders. Traditionally, Republicans and Democrats rarely see eye to eye, but it appears the strength of our country’s job fueling energy industry is where they do find some common ground. It’s a nonpartisan issue, in part because it has been one of the few bright spots of our country’s economy in the last decade.

No matter your party affiliation, support of the oil and gas industry is critical for not only western Colorado’s economy, but for the entire state and nation.

Thanks to technology, the oil and gas industry has more promise than it has had in previous decades to grow our economy and help to make America an energy powerhouse. From horizontal drilling to fracking, we now have the keys to safely unlock more oil and natural gas than ever before. We need to capitalize on this now.

Our leaders and policymakers in Washington need to make the energy revolution a priority regardless of whether there is a “D” or an “R” after their name. It’s time that our elected officials make the right policy choices when it comes to utilizing our energy resources. They need to take action to eliminate the enormous amounts of red tape when it comes to drilling on federal land (in the last several years production has dropped significantly on federal land). They need to eliminate far-reaching, and unnecessary regulations that were only enacted to stall or stop production.

No matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican or independent you can and should support the oil and gas industry. It’s good policy for our county, our state and our nation.

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