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Letter: Enough (ignorance) is enough

I find myself yet again responding to a letter, this one by Gary Kirchberg, “Enough is enough,” which I agree with 100 percent: Enough IS enough.

It’s disturbing to read such ignorance based off of opinions, not facts. I’m not sure what if anything would ever be convincing enough for some people. I always try to rely on professionals when I am unsure about a subject of importance, that is why they are called professionals. I never like to confuse my personal opinions with the scientific facts.

The idea of “the smell“ has been beaten into the ground with opinions, but months ago the facts on how this business would be run should have dispelled any concerns that were floating around about this issue, but obviously has not. I encourage Mr. Kirchberg to educate himself on the cooking and manufacturing of this type of business and the true facts about the smell. I will be the first to admit this process is not achieved in all pot businesses, but we were talking about one in particular at the moment, the location that had been proposed next to the Vaudeville Revue.

There happened to be on the same day of Mr. Kirchberg’s letter a very educational article full of facts about marijuana that had a lot of issues answered without a bunch of opinions. Those are the educational tools some people should be reading.

The thought of someone not going to a great show or event because of the “possibility” of a smell is almost laughable. You might has well close all the movie theaters, bowling alleys or any business providing a good night of entertainment.

One final point: On the continuing talk about the voting of legalizing marijuana, Mr. Kirchberg was right about one thing, for him. He might have not voted for it or even his neighbors; however, obviously his neighbor’s neighbor did, along with a majority of the community, and the way I understand it, it does not matter if it was voted and approved by 1 percent or 100 percent.

I will agree though: Enough is enough.

Scott Redding


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