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LETTER: Enough sympathy stories


I see that the Post Independent keeps printing articles regarding the Latinos that have come to Colorado and to America; I think these articles just want to press the sympathy button on Americans.

If you come to America with a working visa then you are welcome. If you stay past the visa and are then considered illegal, then you are not needed. If you cross our border without papers, you need to go back to your home country and come in the right way. Our government seems to feel that the millions of illegals here are needed. They would be if there was work in the U.S., but we don’t have any work for the regular American public.

We still have people losing their homes, and we still have people unable to find a job, who have quit looking for a job. Our government is spreading the propaganda that the recession has ended. Well, maybe it has for some people, but for a vast majority it hasn’t. Wages are simply too low for Americans to feed their families. No one can make it on $7 per hour minimum wage. You would have to have four or five jobs in order to be able to afford a home and feed and clothe your family.

Post Independent, stop printing sympathy stories, especially the ones where we are trying to keep families together. A lot of families have relatives scattered all over the country because they have to go where there is work.

Jane Spaulding


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