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Letter: Even if you don’t support the tax, vote for Jim

There seems to be a big divide among voters regarding the proposed street tax, and it seems to be pushing voters to support one candidate over another. I would encourage voters to separate those two issues.

I’m a fiscal conservative generally opposed to new taxes at the federal and state level. I’m less opposed to local taxes if I support the purpose of the tax, not too high and the cost/benefit ratio is good. I often compare the question of new local taxes to family finances regarding savings for some future benefit or need like a vacation, a car, or a new roof. If we can afford the extra monthly cost and the benefit is sufficiently valuable compared to the cost, then we do it, if not, then we don’t.

Decisions such as these need to be based on factual information from informed sources. Regarding the proposed tax, it is recklessly uninformed to suggest that an extra $2 million can be found in the city’s general fund. It is unequivocally false to suggest that City Council on its own could issue a bond based on this “found” $2 million. A new bond would require another vote of the people. Besides, an extra $2 million per year does not fix our roads, we need a minimum of about $3.5 million per year for approximately 15 years. Having worked on the city’s budget for the last eight years, I can say with a high degree of certainty that there is not an extra $3.5 million per year to be “found” in the budget, every year for the next 15 years, that wouldn’t also require an equally unacceptable sacrifice of city services.

Regardless of your vote on the tax, I would strongly urge you to support Jim Ingraham for the at-large City Council seat. I’ve worked closely with Jim over the past year on the council and for many years prior to that when Jim was on the Financial Advisory Board. I’ve found Jim to be informed, dedicated, honest, reasonable and to be a person with a high level of knowledge and integrity. He is the only candidate with sufficient experience. He doesn’t have an axe to grind. His only agenda is to serve the best interests of the citizens of this community.

Michael Gamba,

Glenwood Springs

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