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Letter: Facing evil

Mr. Olander, I’d first like to thank you for so thoroughly illustrating my point. You’re obviously a Democrat who wants to agree with Mr. Kaplan’s call for “tolerance and civility” and yet you are spewing hatred and name-calling on behalf of your failed party because you have no other response that you can back up with any facts. Playing the Nazi card is also a pretty common Democratic strategy, but I’d have to agree with people who say it’s pretty pathetic to use that analogy cavalierly and minimize what happened to 6 million Jews in Europe. You should be ashamed.

The people who voted Mr. Trump in agree with me and disagree with you. The last eight years of Democratic rule in this country have been an unmitigated disaster, and electing the candidate your party chose to nominate would have extended that disaster even further, as well as clearly establishing that influence is for sale in the Oval Office. The economy, foreign policy, homeland security, our standing in the world and the unity of our country have all been severely damaged by you and those who agree with you, and the rest of us got angry enough to do something about it.

The truth of the matter is that you have chosen to believe the lies of a party desperate to hang onto the power that it’s used to abuse the American people. Look up the word “propaganda” and then go back and look through all the Trump-bashing stories that have been written over the last year and a half, and how many of them have been debunked. Need I remind you, when you start accusing your opponents of racism, that the KKK was born of the Democrats?

I didn’t say Obama was never disrespected during the last eight years. What I said was that we didn’t go around with “Obama is not my president” signs after he got elected. We (I if you prefer) gave him a chance, and he blew it. I lost respect for him fairly early on, and he did nothing to earn it back.

I really can’t take you seriously, Mr. Olander, when you comment about evil and who has or has not faced up to the facts. The Bible refers to the “thief” as one who comes to “kill, steal and destroy,” and if I were you, I’d look in the mirror, and then look around at what’s been stolen and destroyed over the last eight years, and who’s responsible for it. Facing evil does begin at home.

Kevin Stephenson

Glenwood Springs

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