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Letter: Far out medicine

What’s up with medicine these days, where your wait to get in to see a physician is way out there.

The days of the family doctor, driven by good patient care, not the almighty dollar, has since vanished — where your scheduled appointment time was based on your medical needs, not on filling out some computerized chart information so the database is complete and functioning by government standards; where appointments were scheduled on an individual basis, not triple bookings.

Recently I spoke to a person who was concerned about their medical condition. Apparently the test needing to be done to validate the doctor’s assessment on what might be going on was two to three months out just to be put on the schedule. The stress of waiting for the test date had the person in disarray. I spoke to yet another person who had a severe sinus infection and could not get in to see his family doctor for two weeks; this person was in chemo. You would think that someone suffering from cancer would have a little more clout than a week or two of a wait for relief, as if their life is not filled with the unpleasantness of the disease itself. I figure with physicians these days having little time to invest in their patients’ care verse how much they make, it is in my best interest to take charge of my own health care. To the government, the doctors and the health insurance companies, health care is measured in money. I, on the other hand, see health care as just that — taking care of my health. So until the medical profession reels in from the “far-out medicine,” I’ll stick to my health care plan!

Melody Sebesta

Grand Junction, Colo.

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