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Letter: Fear for America

All peoples need freedom of speech and worship … and freedom from want and fear.

World leaders are looking and are achieving a global consensus on the quality of our natural surroundings, but overlooking immediate needs.

Whether a member of ISIS, or a follower of Donald Trump, disenfranchised people need a leader. Find “justice” anywhere from the streets to television shows like “Blacklist,” “Quantico,” “Blindside,” “Chicago Fire,” “Empire,” etc. They’re not Archie Bunker or Matt Dillon anymore. It’s disappointing if James Spader’s character Reddington doesn’t “arbitrarily” kill someone in an episode. 

That’s what we want, but on what moral authority does anyone have these rights? Don’t confuse deranged people about guns. A television show or video game is just an existential step from mass murder. The trite saying about guns, “people kill people” is true. Media and education are a part of this people problem, not guns.

In other words, the devil wants revenge, not justice. However, an eye for an eye is irrational, as pointed out by Jesus Christ.

If Donald Trump is as you take him, things could go ironic: The wall put up by Mexicans, could keep Americans out if Mexican resources beckoned. Islam could reclaim its former status as a channel of enlightenment and learning if radicals withered. Go figure.

Once said by a president: “Those, who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Pray for America. Pray for the world.

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