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Letter: Fed up with expensive cable television services

Like most everyone I know in the valley, I was ever increasingly tired of spotty and ever more expensive cable TV service. From AT&T to Bresnan to Optimum to Charter, we have endured escalating prices, fewer channels included in their “basic” plan, and outsourced, out-of-state, unresponsive service. Last October the switch requiring every TV to have its own converter box (at $15 a month each) on top of the $85 a month charge was the final straw.

After a little online research I found that no matter where you live in the Grand Valley, you can receive HD television reception of all major channels for free.

I live near the east monument entrance up against the rocks, and yet with a simple $45 roof-mounted antennae from Amazon.com we get nice channels (Cozi, MyTV, METV, ABC, CBS,FOX, NBC. PBS and CW). Also over the air I could watch a Spanish language and a shopping channel, but I chose to “skip” them.

Go to http://www.antennaweb.org; enter your address and zip code. It will tell you what channels you can pick up and the direction to aim your antennae. TITANTV.com gives you the TV listings for “air” reception.

Why anyone continues to pay Charter for cable TV services is a mystery to me.

Mike Fitzmorris

Grand Junction, Colo.

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