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Letter: Fed up with taxes

Ed Cortez, I love your guest opinion in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

I agree with you totally. Having been raised in this valley and talking to some of the older residents around Carbondale, like myself, it seems a shame that only those with a ton of money are being heard from. It seems a shame that the trust funders and those who are still working get to voice an opinion.

Ed, there are several older citizens of Carbondale who have written letters to the Town Council in asking them to please not to pass a carbon tax. What it boils down to is that there are members on the council who will listen and understand and then there are those who ignore the taxpayers who are struggling to pay their taxes at all.

I have had a few phone calls from people overwhelmed with these new taxes and the new mill levy.

They were not aware of the worst-case possibility. It’s finally hitting home and they are going to lose their homes because of those who vote for anything and everything “because its the right thing to do.” What ever happened to being responsible for the necessities of this community’s members?

It doesn’t matter that you have no other older family here in town. It doesn’t matter that those of us growing older would like to be able to keep and stay in our homes as long as possible. Or does it? For those of you who insist that we have a carbon tax in Carbondale, it’s kind of like our state government and our federal government. No matter how much you protest, we are going to do as we please whether you like it or not.

How sad that you really don’t understand and you have taken little time figure it out.

I am saying this again. I only have so much money to live on as a senior citizen in this town. Shame on those of you who disregard those on fixed incomes. Shame on you for disregarding our outlook on life. As a senior citizen, I should not have to chose between eating and utilities and the carbon tax, which, like the state vehicle fee that gets raised every year, will never go away.

Our officials get greedy and they think that we have to leave it on the books because people found a way to pay it, so just let’s leave it on as long as we can.

Audrey Jane Spaulding


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