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Letter: FedEx faux pas

Faux pas – noun: an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation.

Congrats Martin and Samson, on a classic faux pas. Your epic decision to disrespect your constituents who live along the Midland corridor, the majority of the City Council and downright common sense is astounding.

Common sense alone would easily point out that the Comprehensive Plan has a major flaw regarding the zoning near the airport: all access to this area currently has to plow through one residential neighborhood after another — and on the worst/highly congested/falling-apart road in all of Glenwood Springs.

A “South Bridge” access would eliminate the flaw, but unfortunately, it‘s only a dream — as should be all new development that requires Midland as the access point — until the dream is realized (I went to rocket science school, so maybe I am a little bit ahead of you).

And the half-million for road improvements for 1.5 miles on Midland is a joke. Remember: You spent about 6-plus times that much for only 50 yards of road improvements just up the street (Dead Man’s Curve) – and tossed in “The Most Beautiful Bridge to Nowhere” in all of Garfield County.

But damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead, because the Comprehensive Plan says so. Nice. Bases covered. Forget about the city! Forget about the people living along Midland. Save those 14 jobs in Garfield County – at all costs.

Instead of worrying about “saving 14 jobs” in Garfield County, I would be more concerned about saving two jobs: your own. Don your hearing aids, listen up, wake up and admit your mistake.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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