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Letter: Feel for a lost little boy

Looking at this little boy who drowned trying to flee Syria to Greece, I think to myself what if everyone wrote how his death impacted them. What if everyone just took a few moments to open their heart and let it bleed for mercy? What could it do for all of those that are about to die because we have unleashed the world’s largest arsenal.

If you’ve done an “Ice Bucket Challenge,” run in a charity event, sold Girl Scout Cookies, been at a black tie event, prayed, hugged a grieving relative, watched a friend’s dog, said I want to do something for someone, try just to open your heart and think of the little refugee boy whose drowned body was recently shown in a picture distributed worldwide and think what it must have been like to be his father, who lost his wife and 5-year-old son too.

The 3-year-old’s name is Aylan Kurdi. Say it.

Image Aylan days before and the fear leaving his homeland and the war that ravaged his life from the first day he was born. Then image the parents talking to him in the mother’s womb about what their hopes for him would be. Then think back to the mother and father making love and embraced in what little joy they could find. Would they be afraid of having conceived this boy that you are now connecting with?

Keep thinking back a few more years, the Syrian War is in its fourth year and think of what it was like for this couple to fall in love in a civil war and get married and have Aylan and lose Aylan.

Think if it was you. Now your heart must be open. Now you eyes must be moist. Your breath is more gentle. You are experiencing love for Aylan. If you can experience a love for Aylan, we can begin to find our soul. If you don’t believe in a power of life. You are experiencing its energy. Now write about Aylan. Tell your story. Open someone’s heart.

His death has opened mine some more.

Arn Menconi

Eagle County

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