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Letter: Fellow smokers: Be courteous

Chris Gundelfinger
Glenwood Springs

Being a smoker — please no one tell Grandpa Hugh — I was a little distraught by talk of a smoking ban downtown. I don’t feel the government, local, state or federal, has a right to tell a person when where or what they put in their own body. The consumption of anything, in my opinion, is a personal choice and should be protected by our God-given rights.

However, I must agree that the littering downtown is out of hand. Though not all of the trash on the streets is composed of cigarette butts, a good portion of it is. So to my fellow people who like to enjoy a smoke, it takes very little effort to be conscientious of the people around you.

Dispose your butts in a proper receptacle. Don’t blow smoke in the faces and direction of people walking down the street or eating on restaurants patios, especially children, as they don’t have the choice of simply walking to the next block to avoid smoke.

Respect local businesses and refrain from smoking with in 15 feet of an active public entrance. It seems to me that all of these things are simple common courtesies and may curb the need to infringe on our personal rights.

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