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Letter: Fifteen-round clips, Bearcat more important than defibrillators?

Tell me why it is a higher priority for the Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario to have an armored vehicle in his arsenal and to argue for citizens’ “rights” to own guns and magazines holding more than 15 rounds than it is for all our Garfield Sheriff’s squad cars to carry AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to assist citizens having heart attacks?

What purpose does an armored vehicle serve, other than to combat some wacko who Vallario believes should have the right to own a weapon that could potentially outgun the police? Why have my tax dollars gone to pay for this instead of something constructive and life-saving?

I am a multiple gun owner who hunts and understands the need for self-defense. Guns that hold more than 15 rounds are only meant for wiping out people and only belong in the hands of law enforcement or the military. I’m sick of politicians like Vallario and the commissioners who fund him who pander for votes to the NRA — who would argue for your right to own a bazooka — and who often refer to themselves as “pro-life.”

If the GarCo Sheriff and commissioners are truly “pro-life” they will put an AED in every squad car and stop pursuing an agenda that could arguably be referred to as “pro-death.” And they don’t deserve your vote if they can’t do this.

David E. Johnson


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